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The game is currently in development. To track weekly progress, visit the Dev Blog here! and follow the Twitter here!

Story Synopsis:

The land of Erath is one of swords and sorcery, and has been for a long time. On a small Island two small kingdoms, Rey and Kairum, have contested the land since the former was founded. It has recently become a full scale war again. In middle of this, Myr wakes up mute and amnesiac, like all good RPG heroes. He wakes in the kingdom of Rey, and must work for the king there if he wants to search for clues about his past. Along the way, he is joined by a knight, a magician, an archer, and many more.


Scarlet Dream is the crossbreed of an RPG and Visual Novel. While many RPGs include Visual Novel and dating-sim mechanics, few of those are available depicting a duo of dudes. Some call this subgenre Yaoi or BL, ...or even Gaymes!
Any way you slice it, mixing elements outside of the visual novel standard should spice up the genre! As an Indie Developer, I was determined to add some spice to the scene. Thus, Scarlet Dream was born!

Demo Notes:

The Demo is a reflection of the game in it's current stage of development. Some things such visuals, gameplay, and audio may change between now and release.

Known bugs in the Demo:

      F2 Will display framerate, however... it causes a visual error with battle transitions.
      Game does not always pause when unfocused by clicking other items on taskbar.


Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10.

Not tested much on Windows 8 and above - compatibility mode recommended

Not compatible with Mac operating systems.

If you have issues starting the game, try right clicking > Run as Admin if you can.


SPACE, ENTER, and C keys = Accept/Interact
Esc, Ins, or X keys = Cancel

V, Q or Page Up keys = Previous character in status/equip pages
B, W or Page Down keys = Next character in status/equip pages

Shifts or Z keys = Run

A key = Sneak/Slow walk

F1 = Engine's Options Menu


Extract the .rar and play the game.exe.  This game does not work on phones.

This game is for adults 18+, by downloading you agree that you are old enough to play.

Download demo

Scarlet Dream Demo v2.03.rar 215 MB

Development log


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Are you all prepared for the second demo?

Even thought I´m not a fan of a mini RPG videogame (pokemon style) I must admit that your ilustrations and colors look really interesting! ;)

Thanks! I do pride myself on art, and I'm glad that appeals to you despite the genre!


IM SO HYPED I've been following development of this on tumblr for so long and now THERE'S A DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo! I hope you enjoy it~! And thanks so much~